Payment Method

Payment Method

1. Currently we only accept payment by paypal.

2. Like many sellers, our website uses a traditional buying process.

Step 1: You can find your favorite products on the website by searching or category navigation.

Rasoo furniture product search pageRasoo home storage furniture product categories

Step 2: You can click the buy it now button on the product page to buy it directly, or choose to add it to your cart and then enter the checkout process from the cart.

Rasoo home storage furniture product details page

Step 3: You can use Paypal Express Checkout to enjoy a easy payment, we will send the product to your paypal address. Or you can fill in your address information and contact information directly on the website, please ensure that the information filled in is complete and correct.

If you get a discount code, then you can fill it in on this page to enjoy the discount.

Rasoo checkout page

Step 4: After you complete the order and successful payment, we will arrange delivery as soon as possible and send the logistics information to your email.

3. The price of our products does not include taxes, and if you are in a place where taxes are payable, then it will be up to you to pay them.

4. If you encounter problems during the order process, please feel free to contact us via