6 Best Bathroom Storage Ideas Of All Time

Your bathroom should be the cleanest room in your home. But it's a high-traffic area, and it often becomes a gathering place for dirty clothes, half-used beauty products and just about everything else. Bathroom storage is likely to be a headache waiting to happen. The best way to deal with chaos is to get organized. If there's one thing we're good at, it's keeping things neat and tidy around the house, and that includes bathroom essentials. We've developed a comprehensive blueprint: if you want to add size, function and eventually extra space to your bathroom, follow our tips. Whether your bathroom is large or small, these savvy storage ideas will help you add space and stay organized.

Option 1

Try Over-the-Toilet Storage: Toilet tanks are known for attracting dust and items that never make it into the trash. Instead, create functional storage spaces above the toilet to display neatly folded towels or decorative lotion bottles. Organizational solutions like over-the-toilet storage shelves can make your bathroom feel less cluttered without forcing anyone to change their habits.

RASOO Over The Toilet Rack have Multifunctional Storage: With one drawer and two tiers,our bathroom spacesaver can meet your storage demand in bathroom.you can use the drawer to storage paper,hairpin,comb.In addition,you can put creams,shampoo,towel, clothing basket and plants on the tiers.

RASOO Over The Toilet Rack

Option 2

Bathrooms are often filled with awkward nooks and crannies that seem difficult to deal with. The good news is that you can find ergonomic cabinets that fit into these spaces. With this option, you'll be able to store toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and any other bathroom essentials you may need. Overall, it's a slim package that offers top-notch value, and we can't recommend it more highly.

1. Small bathroom cabinet with single door and an adjustable shelf: 12.6"x 11.8" x 33.5"(W x D x H)

Small bathroom cabinet with single door and an adjustable shelf

2. Small Bathroom Floor Cabinet with 4 Drawers11.81"X 11.81"X 32.68"(W x D x H)

Small Bathroom Floor Cabinet with 4 Drawers

Option 3

Different storage spaces are more suitable for bathrooms, especially because the things used tend to be smaller. Large storage spaces are often underutilized, so small drawers like this one are good. However, you still have a large open space on one side that can accommodate larger items, such as cleaning materials.

1. Bathroom Storage Cabinet with one Door and 3 Drawers23.62"X 11.81"X 31.89"(W x D x H)

Bathroom Storage Cabinet with one Door and 3 Drawers

2. Bathroom Storage Cabinet with 4 Drawers and 1 Door: 22.05"X 11.81"X 32.68"(W x D x H)

Bathroom Storage Cabinet with 4 Drawers and 1 Door

Option 4

This Bathroom storage cabinet is modern in white. It is perfect for any house style, and also easy matching with any type of furniture. A open shelf can hold baskets of essentials or display items. Additional one adjustable shelf inside the doors, it can be reached 3 different height for your demand, and give you Large Storage Space.

Storage Cabinet 2 Doors and one Adjustable Shelf23.62"X 11.81"X 31.50"(W x D x H)

Storage Cabinet 2 Doors and one Adjustable Shelf

Option 5

This cabinet features 3 same-sized drawers and 1 cabinet door concealing 1 shelf.It's ideal for getting rid of clutter with room for towels, toiletries, and all the essentials.

Freestanding bathroom cabinet storage with 3 drawers and 1 door23.6"x 11.8"x 39.4" (W x D x H)

Freestanding bathroom cabinet storage with 3 drawers and 1 door

Option 6

Two Movable Drawers: The bathroom towel cabinet is designed with 2 adjustable drawers. The drawers are originally placed in the middle of this cabinet and there is a screw in it to keep the drawer from falling out, but you can adjust the drawer location as you need, whatever you want to arrange them in the middle or top. Our bath cabinet gives you more freedom to follow your choices and define your lifestyle. Large Storage Capacity: This Bathroom freestanding cabinet comes with 2 doors, allowing you to store toiletry supplies and other skin products and protect them from water, and inside there is a adjustable shelf to face your different needs. And 2 drawers and one open storage shelf allow you to put bath towels or other stuff in it and get them easily when finished bathing or showering.

Bathroom Floor Cabinet with 2 Doors and 2 Drawers23.62"x 11.42"x 42.72"(W x D x H)

Bathroom Floor Cabinet with 2 Doors and 2 Drawers

These bathroom cabinets are all made by High-Quality Materials: Our RASOO Bathroom cabinet constructed by E1 MDF board, much better than CAPB P2. It features solidity and durability . The medium density fiberboard won't be affected with damp and won't deform like normal wood after years of using. And painted by the upgraded UV, it is more scratch resistant than ordinary NC painted.

Your bathroom can also be an extension of your personality. It's not just about making your living area and bedroom beautiful, but even your bathroom needs as much attention as possible. Especially if the space is small, it is more likely to feel cluttered and very claustrophobic. Your bathroom should be the ideal haven for you to relax and be at your most vulnerable, so you should keep it tidy to avoid causing too much anxiety and stress. Fortunately, there are many available ways to maximize the storage space in your bathroom.